What is Abundant Living?

What is abundant living?  Abundant living is not made up of physical things we have, not even the physical blessings that we receive from God such as food, clothing or shelter.  Abundant living is what Jesus came to bring us and we have abundant life as we follow Him.

Many people know Jesus as Savior, but very few come to know Him as Lord.  As a result many miss out on the abundance He came to give.  They recognize Him for their salvation from sin; they recognize that in Him is the hope of eternal life.  But they fail to realize the eternal, abundant life that comes from knowing Jesus and walking as He did, imitating Him.

Peace, goodness, generosity, mercy, love, patience, joy, humility, kindness, longsuffering, gentleness, faith and hope are just some of the qualities that are found in a person who has an abundant life.  These are the fruits of knowing Jesus as Lord and following His instructions.  The Bible does not just contain nice thoughts about how to best live.  The instructions are based on living spiritual laws that work for you or against you depending on how you live.

The teachings of the Bible are as true and practical as any you will ever find.  They are timeless because the laws that govern success have never changed.  In the Bible and in the teachings of Jesus Christ, we find the most wonderful truths that will transform us into peaceful, joyful, successful human beings.  God did not mean for us to live in fear, in doubt, in poverty, in despair.  He gave us a human success manual to teach us how to live forever.  As we read it and study it, we come to see how the world will one day be at peace.  When all who live voluntarily subscribe to the laws that govern human conduct, then there can be peace, safety and prosperity for every human being.

How about wiping out hunger, disease, war, oppression, violence, murder and rape?  How about such a dramatic change in society where people donít have to lock their doors at night, where our children can play freely without fearing for their safety, where every person sees the light of God and decides to live within the light instead of the darkness.

That is the kingdom of God.  It is coming to this earth and you are invited to be a part of it.  But this is not a kingdom that comes about easily.  It comes by each member submitting himself to rule of goodness simply summed up in one word:  love.  Love for God and love for your neighbor.  When each person does unto another as they would have done to them, then there can be a peaceful and safe society.

And yet what is even more amazing, is that in the midst of a world not ruled by love, we can still have abundant life.  How?  Because God will give His Spirit to those who choose to live by His ways, to those who seek Him out, they will find Him.  And where His Spirit is, there is liberty, life and abundance.  In the midst of the storm, we can have peace.  In the midst of cruelty, we find the strength to show kindness and mercy.  In this life of abundance, we find our identity in God which is stronger than the world with all its injustice.  In this life, we find the character to be who God would have us to be despite our circumstances and our surroundings.

How can you get started?  Begin by starting over.  Lay aside the ways that you have lived up to now.  Start fresh and tell God that you want to learn all of His ways and be part of His peaceful society.  Then seek out a servant of God to help you get started, to mentor you and help you along the path.  Seek to be baptized and to receive the promised gift of the Holy Spirit.  Then day by day, ask God for the help to begin living by each of the principles and laws He teaches in His Word.  The Bible is full of such wisdom, of such insight, of such life and by Godís Spirit in you, you will begin to be taught and truly comprehend the way that leads to love, peace, justice and joy.  Then you will know and live a real, abundant life.

- Written by David Liesenfelt  Copyright © 2004