Discovering Who You Are

One of the greatest realizations in life is to understand who you are and why you were created.  Unlike animals of the field who know by instinct, each of us must search to find the purpose and meaning of his life.  And without this knowledge mankind can do many things and accomplish much, but he will never truly live an abundant life. 

Can you imagine if you were a dog, but you tried to live life like a fish in the water or a bird in the air?  It wouldn’t be long before you were completely frustrated with life.  When you try to be like a fish, you keep choking when you try to breathe in water through your lungs.  Try as you might, you just can’t do it.  And then when you try to live as a bird, you realize that you really aren’t meant to fly and soar because you don’t have wings.  It seems like a crazy thought.  Dogs know they are dogs and they act like dogs, not like other animals. 

Yet humanly we often live very frustrated or purposeless lives because we do not function with the knowledge of who we are or why we were created.  Man is not an evolved creature with instincts to live and survive like other animals.  Man was made especially by God, in the very image and likeness of God, for a great purpose.  In order to understand who you are and to live, you must begin by understanding that you were not made to be another type of animal.

Man is more intelligent, more creative, more purpose driven and more relationship oriented than any other creature on this planet.  Just consider for a moment the time that a human will spend developing a musical talent, building a skyscraper or a bridge, developing new inventions and technologies limited only by the imagination of the person.  While animals live life in a struggle for survival, man has long since moved past the struggle for survival in the physical realm for pursuits that develop other areas of life.  And mankind lives by principles and laws which determine right and wrong, good and evil. 

So how do you discover who you are?  Many people think they will find out who they really are by leaving behind all responsibility and trying all things new.  This may lead to selfishness, but not to who you truly are.  Finding yourself comes from finding the reason for your existence.  Finding your reason for existence means finding God because He is the One who made you.  Finding God means laying down your life, your pursuits and your passions to seek Him. 

When we lay down our lives to seek God, we find ourselves.  It seems like such a strange contrast to us humanly, but the only way to find your life is to die to who you are today.  Jesus said, “He who seeks to save his life will lose it.  He who loses his life for my sake will find it’ (Luke 9:24). 

By dying to who we are to seek God, we find God.  And when we find God, we find in Him, our Creator and our Father, the very reason for our existence, the very reason for our life and the very purpose for which we can live.  God created you for a very special purpose.  It is up to you to seek out that purpose and to live by it.  Many fail in this pursuit and truly few find the way.  But for those who do, they discover how rich their lives are, how amazing life in God was made to be.  Love, confidence, assurance, peace, and hope are just some of the benefits you will have when you lay down your life and find what life is in Christ Jesus.  Jesus said, “I came that you would have life and have it more abundantly” (John 10:10).  Seek Him out and you will discover yourself and the amazing life God hopes you will have. 

- Written by David Liesenfelt  Copyright © 2004