Should We Believe God Exists?

It is one of the most elemental questions of life:  Does God exist?  The written record of man has shown that, by and large, most of all humanity has believed in the existence of God.  However, with more information and knowledge has come more questioning of this basic human belief.  Although 90% of the world still believes in the existence of some form of God, is it a credible belief?

The questions of Godís existence arise from the fact that God expects you to accept His existence as a matter of faith.  For in Godís greater plan, if you accept His existence and the basic plan in the Bible, God tries and proves man for the purpose of bringing many sons to glory who share the same basic nature of love.  By giving His Son, God demonstrated His love to His creation.  Now the decision is up to each person, will he give his love to God?  Will he live by the laws of love and concern for others, which provide for peace and justice for every member of society?  In giving choice, God allows man to be free to choose good or evil, to choose to love Him or to disregard Him.

Man must be free to choose.  How free would man be to choose if he saw that God was always there watching him?  If you saw God standing there every time you wanted to sin, how free would you be to sin?  The fact is you wouldnít be.  Sin comes out of a desire to please the self and it is this very desire that has led to all the war, murder, injustice and oppression this world has ever seen.  Love is just the opposite in that it considers what is best for others and does not just look to take care of self.

So God remains hidden from our physical sight, allowing us the freedom to choose and giving us the opportunity to live by faith.  However, this raises the question, how do I even know God exists?

For all the many, many hours of arguments and discussions over Godís existence you can simply boil it down to one question.  Did everything I see come about by chance or by intelligent design?

Some may ask, why doesnít God just show Himself to every person and then just disappear?  Why make it so difficult?  Why make it a matter of faith?  Well in one sense you can understand the question, but really on the other side of it, does it take any faith at all to answer the question of Godís existence?

I have never been to an automobile plant where they make cars.  I have never seen someone make a car or car parts.  Yet, when I see a car it raises the question, where did it come from?  Did it evolve on its own?  Was it created by chance or by intelligent design?  By faith, I believe that cars are created and not evolved.  But, how can I be so sure?  The intelligent design of it tells me that it didnít just happen by chance.  Someone actually designed the car and someone actually put it together.  Basic human intelligence tells me this.

When I look at the fact that I am on a ball spinning through space around a sun that provides seasons and temperature changes and never spins closer or farther or falls out of its gravitational pull, it raises the same question I have about the car.  How did this happen?  When I look at the earth and all the living things on it, the complexity of it all and all its many wonders, I ask that question again.  When I look at human beings and see how much higher their intelligence is than any other living creature, that we can tame or dominate anything in creation, I ask this question again.  And when I consider that we can even ask a moral question about what is right and wrong and that most people know that something is right or wrong, but that these rules of morality do not apply to animals of instinct, I ask this question again.  Itís not chance and itís not even intelligence that leads me to the answer.  It is basic human reasoning.

I once heard it said that mathematically it is more probable that a tornado could rip through a junk yard and put together a fully functioning 747 airplane than it is that all of this earth could have been put together by an explosion or by any other means of chance.  So, though I have never seen God with my eyes, it doesnít discount the fact that He exists.  There are many things that I havenít seen that I know exist.  The thing created gives evidence to the existence of a creator.  When I look at the creation in which I live, I have no doubt there is Creator.

What about you?  Do you believe the creation you see came about by chance or intelligent design?  You may believe that all creation started with unintelligent matter that existed and blossomed or exploded into more matter that organized itself and produced life that it did not know previously.  Or, you may believe that an intelligent God made matter and organized it into more matter and life as we now know it.  Was it God or was it an atom?  Was it intelligence that made you or was it chance?  You are too smart to not know the answer.

- Written by David Liesenfelt  Copyright © 2004