Finding the Laws of Success

A man went out to his garden hoping to find some tomatoes.  Oh, how he wanted some fresh, juicy tomatoes to eat.  He looked in one corner and saw that he a lot of weeds growing, but no tomatoes.  He looked in another corner and saw a lot of rocks and crusty dirt, but no tomatoes.  He looked in the third corner and saw grass still growing; he never did get around to clearing that area out for planting.  Finally, in the fourth corner, he saw some beautiful plants growing, but not one of them had tomatoes on them.  Sadly, he went back into the house and complained to his wife that he had no tomatoes growing on any of the beautiful plants in his garden.  So she asked him, “Well, did you plant any?”  Suddenly, he was struck with the realization that although he wanted the tomatoes, he never planted seeds to make them grow.

The laws that govern success and true happiness in your life are not mystical, unknown laws.  They are as simple as the laws of the garden.  If you want a particular kind of fruit or vegetable, you must plant the kind of seed that grows that particular kind of fruit or vegetable.  If you want to get rid of the weeds; you must pull them out.  If you want the ground to produce; you must remove the rocks and break up the hardened ground.  If you want to grow a certain crop; you must first clear the area of the grass that’s growing on it.

Like the gardener, there are laws that affect your life whether you know them or not and whether you recognize them or not.  Unfortunately, what often causes personal failure in life is not a lack of effort, but a lack of consciousness about the laws that govern successful living.  If you just start planting seeds, you may or may not get tomatoes.  It depends on what kind of seeds you plant.  To insure success, you have to plant the right kind of seed.  If you want tomatoes, you must plant tomato seeds.

This may seem pretty straight forward, but there are laws just as simple governing the way we live our lives.  Yet, most people live in total ignorance of them.  They just start planting seeds hoping they will eventually get what they want.  Now sometimes you do, but often what you end up with is more weeds and problems than fruits and vegetables.

To be successful in life you must follow the laws that govern successful living.  So the question is: Where do I learn about the laws of successful living?  The answer is: The Bible.  You may have heard this before, but I want you to know that this is not just some religious pat answer.  Inside the Bible is every basic principle and law that governs successful living.  Though written thousands of years ago and over the course of thousands of years, the Bible is timeless because it was written as a letter from God to you.  That’s right, the Bible was written as a letter to you so that you would know Him and know how to live an abundant life on this earth.

God made all things through Jesus Christ and inspired the word of God to be written so that we would be perfectly complete to do every good work and to live successfully (II Timothy 3:16-17).  When we study God’s word, we find there are instructions and laws to guide us in every area of life.  The Bible is filled with practical wisdom and practical instructions that bring success to your life when followed.  God did not leave us alone to figure it all out on our own.  He gave us the truth about the laws we would need to know to live a happy, successful and abundant life.

Some people stumble onto the laws themselves.  For example, they find out that if you want to be successful in life, you must work hard and not be lazy.  Most have stumbled onto this law, but others have not and they suffer for it.  And while many of God’s laws are evident to those who have seen them work, some laws are not so obvious.  Yet the failure to live by them causes consequences just like those laws which are more obvious to us.

The Bible serves us in many ways, one of which is as a book of wisdom that teaches us how to live successfully.  It is, in some sense, an owner’s manual telling you how life works, how relationships work, how wealth and poverty work, how good and evil work, how death and the hope for eternal life work.  It tells us everything we need to know; it is from God and is truly timeless as a result.

To be successful we must learn about the laws of successful living and we must follow them.  As we read the Bible and believe it to the point that we practice what it teaches, we will live a life of lasting success, true happiness and real abundance.

- Written by David Liesenfelt  Copyright © 2004