We Are More Than Conquerors

In life we face many trying and stressful situations, hardships and uncertainties in many different forms.  Some face financial hardships, some marital hardships, some have problems with their children or their jobs.  Some have difficulties in their relationships with their families or their neighbors.  Some face terrible health issues or have even been the victim of violent crimes.  Yet the Bible says that “we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us” (Romans 8:37).  How can this be?

Here is a question we must consider: what is victory?  Is victory in our lives merely the absence of difficulties, persecutions, trials, hardships and the like?  Is victory in our lives defined by what is not present?

Based on where you live in the world, people living on one side of the planet could look at people on the other side of the planet and say “they have a stress-free life”.  If you are living in a war zone where you can lose your home, your job, your money, your life and the lives of your family, you can look at the freedom and relative security in the United States and say, “that looks stress free to me”.

Or what about a society where you don’t have to chop your wood daily to keep the fire going in the house to cook your food and keep you warm when its cold?  What about a society where you could store foods for days in a refrigerator or for months in a freezer?  What about a society where you could have running water in every house or heat and air conditioning when the temperature didn’t suit you?  What if you could have all the light you need at the turn of a switch and have food cooked in minutes in a microwave?

Have all our conveniences given us victory over stress and hardship?  How is it that we can examine the world over and no matter where we look, we find people dealing with difficulties and hardships and people suffering from worry, stress and anxiety?

The answer is found in that victory is not about the absence of hardship and difficulties, but it is about the presence of love and peace found only in God through Christ Jesus. Many seek victory, to be conquerors in the world physically.  They say in their hearts, if I only had this, or if only that wasn’t the case, then I would be perfectly content and happy.  And yet the truth is, they will never be content if this is their hope.  Peace and rest are not found by controlling outside circumstances, but rather, by knowing inside how deep God’s love for you truly is.

Abundant living is not freedom from hardship, but rather freedom found in the love of God.  To know God’s love for you, to know God is on your side, to know God’s desire to bless and prosper you, to know that He offers the hope of eternal life, to know the freedom of peace in the storm and contentment no matter how much or how little you have is what makes life abundant.  This is the victory in God and we experience this victory as we believe in Him and give thanks to Him for all He provides us.  This is the real victory and this is real life.  It is what changes your spirit in a moment from one of failure to one of success, from one of disappointment to one of rejoicing.  It is the quiet assurance, the faith, the confidence that you see in every great man or woman.  When we truly know the love of God, we become more than conquerors no matter what difficulty we face.

- Written by David Liesenfelt  Copyright © 2004