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 "I have come that they may have life and
have it more abundantly." John 10:10

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Ways You Can Spread the Message of Hope and Inspiration to Others:


Pray for the message to spread.


Live by the teachings of Jesus Christ and teach them to others.


Serve others in your community, at your church and in your neighborhoods.


Forward the Abundant Living Newsletter to those you know.


Put others into contact with the AbundantLiving.org website.

While there is no obligation of any kind associated with the articles or audio messages on Abundant Living.org, you are welcome to be a financial contributor.  All contributions are used directly for the expenses involved in maintaining this website and covering the expenses of spreading the message of abundant life through Jesus Christ to others.  These expenses would include office supplies, travel expenses (to churches which cannot afford to supply these resources) media/advertising, etc.  Please note that none of the contributions are used for the enrichment of any persons or groups.  In fact, no person associated with Abundant Living.org receives any financial compensation for their services from these contributions.

If you can see the light of Jesus Christ in this ministry, if you can see the value of having the principles of abundant living taught to others and would like to contribute, you can be assured that those funds will be used directly to carry out this work.  We regard our personal stewardship seriously and we utilize all funds with the intention of reaching as


many people as we can with the good news of Godís salvation and grace, His teachings, His instructions, His laws and His truths that all men may come to know the peace, joy and fulfillment of living an abundant life in Jesus Christ.  This is our calling and our dream.  If you share our dream and would like to be a part of it, you may send contributions to:

Abundant Living Ministries, Inc.
31900 Mission Trail, Suite 215
Lake Elsinore, CA  92530
(800) 799-5199